My Medium Income Continues To Triple

Here’s what I’ve learnt.

Over the last 4 months, my Medium income has tripled each time.

I’m absolutely stoked, and continue to be shocked by my daily stats. I am completely humbled to be getting paid for my writing — definitely a milestone for many writers out there, no matter what the quantity of payment actually is.

When I made my first 10c on my first day of Medium, I was joyous.

According to Medium’s January stats, I’m now well and truly into the top 9% of earners and have been for the last few months. This fact makes me want to dance around the house. I definitely give thanks to the new payment model, which has seen some of my more average-performing articles gain belated success.

Everyday on Medium is a learning curve and below are some of the new things I’ve discovered recently.

1. Don’t try and repeat your previous successes.

If you have an article that does very well, perhaps even goes viral, in can be tempting to try and replicate this success by writing on the same topic in the same style with a similar message. But trying to replicate your successful pieces will very rarely be a recipe for success unless you already have a huge following. And it can make the task of writing boring as hell.

My Medium income from the last two months has been heavily influenced by 3 articles in particular. The common factor between the 3? Nothing, aside from the fact that I wrote them.

One covers grief, one covers weight-loss and the third covers writing.

I’ve written on these topics multiple times, but these three articles were far more successful than the others. And I wouldn’t be able to tell you why.

The bad news is that it is difficult to know which of our pieces will be successful. The good news? There’s potential for any of your pieces to be successful, across any topic.

2. Success on Medium can often be a fluke.

There are so many awesome writers on Medium, each with their own personal voice and style. But whether a writer is able to create a piece that ‘takes off’ can be impacted by a variety of things that often extends past their skill.

Skill, talent, perseverance and practice help, sure. But luck and the occasional fluke can help even more so. And this sucks to a certain extent, because it means our successes can be out of our control.

The key is to not get bogged down in your jorney for ‘success’ on Medium, whatever that may be to you (readership, monetary reward, more followers). You’ll find it can make the simple task of writing seem overwhelming. You’ll lose your passion, you’ll become obsessed with stats and deflated when something doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped.

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3. Just keep writing.

Write because you love it. Write because you feel like it. Even write because you want to earn money, but make sure that writing remains a love for you and not a burden.

As I mentioned above, it is incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to guess which of your articles will be a success and which ones won’t.

Keep writing. Try to produce a piece a day if you can. If you’re like me with a full-time job, find snippets of time where you can to write. Lunch breaks, your commute, anywhere. Every article you produce increases your chances of ‘success’ and in the meantime, hones your craft.

As long as you’re not sacrificing the quality of your writing in order to produce a high quantity, just keep writing, and Godspeed.

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