I Wrote 10 Ideas a Day for a Year. Here’s What I Learnt.

Build up your bank of inspiration.

Maddie Rose
3 min readFeb 26, 2020
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I recently wrote an article about dedicating an entire day towards being an idea-machine. This is a great tactic towards building a bank of articles themes, titles and ideas that you can pull from when inspiration is lacking (which, if you’re like me, is every second day).

I love creating challenges for myself. It keeps my goals measurable and holds me accountable to myself.

A mission I gave myself last year was to write down an additional 10 ideas a day. Whether it was from an epic morning brainstorm session, or by writing them down sporadically throughout the day, I would ensure that by the time I went to bed, I had at least 10 ideas written down in my ideas bank.

Your creativity shouldn’t be seen as a pool that you can draw from until there is nothing left. Rather, should be seen as a muscle that can be strengthened. When it comes to making yourself an ideas machine, this is a skill that can be learnt.

Here is what I’ve learnt from my 10 ideas mission:

Learning #1

You’ll find that you usually come up with more than 10 ideas each day, because you have trained your mind to be open to new inspiration. With each day, you are training yourself to seek out ideas from an abundance of sources. Your mind will remain sharp.

Learning #2

Your future self will thank you for the work you’ve put in. Even if some of your ideas are nothing more than seedlings when you first write them down, most ideas have the potential to blossom into something brilliant down the line.

Learning #3

Elaborate a little on the idea, if you can. Sometimes I write down a topic or article idea that, when I come back to it a few days later, no longer makes sense.

Sometimes we come up with a particular idea after reading/watching/discussing something that triggered the thought. Write this down, so you can help your future self understand what you were thinking.

Learning #4

They’re not all going to be good ideas. Some will royally suck. But don’t immediately veto an idea just because you’re hesitant at first. Include it in your list, sit on the idea for a bit, turn it around in your mind. Sometimes, average ideas just need a little time to bake before they turn into something delicious.

Learning #5

Idea creation helps your writing process in the long run. Sometimes you don’t have the energy or willpower to elaborate on an idea when it first comes to you. You might not be in the mood to write at all that day.

Developing 10 ideas a day can ensure that your creative juices continue to flow daily. It ensures that, when the day comes where you feel like writing again, you have an abundance of inspiration to pull from.

Learning #6

Write down your ideas immediately. Ideas can come at the most inconvenient of times, and although we think we’ll remember them later, it’s far more likely that we won’t. Whether you use an actual notebook or the notes app in your phone, write down your ideas immediately.

Set yourself the goal of writing at least 10 ideas a day.

  • You’ll build a big bank of inspiration
  • You’ll teach yourself to constantly be open to new ideas
  • It’ll enable you to ‘sit’ on ideas and gain a fresh perspective at a later date
  • You’ll be grateful when it comes to knowing what to write about



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