3 Great Podcasts To Help Improve Your Money Literacy

Learning about stocks, crypto, side hustles and everything in between.

Maddie Rosier
3 min readSep 5, 2021


I have always loved learning about money, and get giddy over the concept of passive income through side hustles and investments.

Finance was never really something I was taught about growing up — we lived pay check to pay check so savings and investments weren’t really a topic that appeared over the dinner table. I was therefore a blank canvas, and had the world of articles and podcasts at the tips of my fingers. Below are 3 podcasts that helped improve my money literacy, taught me how to invest and inspired me to start a side hustle.

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I will preface this list by saying I am a female millennial living in Australia, so if you have any of those things in common with me, the below list is more likely to appeal to you too. With that said, each of these podcasts will be likely to help anyone establish or grow their understanding of the world of money.

She’s on the Money

What? She’s on the Money is an incredibly popular female-focused podcast. In 2020, this podcast won the award of Australia’s most popular money podcast, and to be honest, not much comes close t it.

It is hosted by millennial money expert and financial adviser Victoria Devine, who shares her foolproof tips for financial freedom. Victoria and her guests dig into everything from Afterpay to HECS, common money mistakes and empowering money wins.

Victoria lays out even some of the most complex concepts in ways that anyone can understand and learn from, from investments to super and everything in between. She does this in a a fun and relatable way so that listening and learning becomes a more enjoyable activity.

Recommended episode:

A Rookie’s Guide To Investing Part 1 & 2


Every day I’m (side) hustlin’

My Millennial Money

What? My Millennial Money is another Australian finance podcast. Hosted by Aussie financial adviser Glen James and property expert John Pidgeon, the men take a light-hearted look at money issues for millennials.

The podcast is a friendly, open table conversation-style podcast with regular expert guests.

Recommended episodes:

Money Mindset, Changing Consumer Debt Habits, How Much Should You Be Investing & More.


Influencers + Money

Babes Talk Business

What? This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to launch a side hustle or their own business.

This podcast interviews an incredible line-up of entrepreneurs (from Airbnb hosts to owners of fitness brands) and provides deep insights into the world of start-ups, home businesses and entrepreneurship. The guests discuss their mistakes and triumphs, never sugar coating the life and experiences of launching a business or brand.

My one tip is to skip over the MLM related topics if you disagree with MLM like I do. The rest of the content is super inspiring and informative.

Recommended episodes:

Vic Gigliotti, found of Muscle Republic


Karina Irby, owner or Moana Bikini



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